Arsenic Test Kits -- Arsenic Quick

Arsenic Quick II: 2 Tests

Detection Levels:

Arsenic Quick™ II for water quality testing was designed to give the user accurate results without sacrificing cost and time. Designed using cutting-edge chemistry, Arsenic Quick™ II reports results in only 14 minutes. Additionally, there are no dangerous chemicals needed to run this water quality test kit. With only 3 simple test procedures, Arsenic Quick™ II is a must for any lab, water testing professional, or service technician who values accurate, rapid results without sacrificing cost.

Purchase 481303-2 Arsenic Quick™ II Test Kit at FilterWater.Com

The 481303-2 Arsenic Quick™ II Test Kit contains enough materials to perform 2 complete tests for dissolved arsenic (As+3 & As+5) in water. If you have a need to perform more tests, please take a look at the full Arsenic Quick™ II Test Kit (481303) which contains enough materials to perform 50 tests.

You can find several interesting articles related to arsenic in drinking water over at the Water Testing Blog, a site well-known for its useful information on water testing and water quality issues.

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